About Us

Our organization was formed through partnerships between the Hardball Fans training facility and store, Easton Sports and a variety of top local baseball organizations including the Kalamazoo Maroons, Great Lakes Barracudas and BC Bulldogs. We also have added quality coaches from the Portage Muskies and West Michigan Broncos.

Though this is our first year we have expectations to compete at a very high level.

We know there will be questions along the way and to get started we have included a FAQ sheet here for you that answers some of the common questions we have received. For a current list of Board of Directors please click here.

What is the driving force behind HBF Maroons forming a new organization?
Our goal is to bring together a lot of the top baseball organizations, coaches and players on to one team in southwest Michigan. Our goal is to have a unified team that can pool their resources together to compete at the top level of the game from ages 8 to 18.

How much is the player fee going to be for HBF Maroons?
The player fee will vary depending on a lot of factors. A team playing AAA or Major level in USSSA may pay as high as $900 +/- where a team that travels less and plays less tournaments could be as low as $500.

When will we know if we have been selected for a team?
We have a make-up tryout date set for Saturday August 19th. You will receive notice no later than Tuesday the 21st if you have been selected. We will contact you via email so please ensure your best contact email is given to us at registration.

What is Easton’s involvement with the organization?
Easton has partnered with HBF Maroons to provide the organization equipment and uniforms at significant cost savings. This helps lessen the player fee as well as provide the organization with quality goods.

How much travel is involved?
Travel will be specific to each team. Each coach will communicate his plans to prospective parents after tryouts. Once the team is formed it will be better known what the players and parents expectations are and what they prefer for a schedule. Some teams prefer to play a heavy schedule with many out of town tournaments while others prefer a handful of local tournaments only.

Is there an “A” team and a “B” team for each age group?
We do not have a set number of teams prior to tryouts. Based on the tryouts we will know what ages we will have multiple teams. We could have one or we could have three depending on the quality of players and coaches available.

Where will practices be held?
Outdoor practices will be scheduled by your coach and indoor practices at Hardball Fans will range from October through March. As the schedules are done your coach will communicate them to you.

When do indoor practices begin?
Indoor team practices are scheduled to being in October at Hardball Fans and will go through March of next year. After that the season begins!

What is the cost of uniforms?
There is no additional cost for uniforms above the player fee. The player fee that is decided on by your coach will include uniforms, equipment bags, catcher’s gear, etc.

Is personal training required to be part of HBF Maroons?
Personal training is not required by our organization. Many players do train on their own with the staff at Hardball Fans but it is not required to be part of HBF Maroons.

When is my player fee due? Do you have a commitment fee?
Player fees will be finalized once the team is formed and our coach will communicate the total and a due date to you. A commitment fee of $150 is due by Friday August 24th to hold your spot on the team you’ve committed to.